I studied Fine arts at Escola Massana in Barcelona. At that time I already was painting from the body and about the body. I was interested in understanding through painting what was my real body. The authentic one. At some point my curiosity exceeded painting and I started proposing poetic actions beyond painting. I was more interested in action painting rather just painting. I wanted to become a performer.

My artistic expression was articulated between several disciplines. I felt like a stranger. I was not aware that I was entering the essence of my own language. Then came, fortunately, many exhibitions and a lot of work. So I dedicated myself exclusively to painting for twelve years, but always with the certainty that this was not my only way of expression. I impatiently awaited the arrival of that moment when all the disciplines would come together to create my own voice.

I’ve just finished my thesis and my PhD at the University of Fine Arts of Cuenca, Spain (UCLM). My main research is about how to find new (re)presentations of the female body away from old colonizations.

To decolonize the body, it is necessary to crack it, empty it of surplus. I consider the passage of the body through the performative to be essential in order to question the vision that has been had of it. The poetic action as flesh in motion. As if it were a baptism. A “flesh ritual”.